Quo Vadis Heritage

Our Manufacturing

Quo Vadis planners sold in the United States are printed, bound and shipped from our manufacturing facility in Hamburg, NY.

The sewn binding in our planners gives them extra strength and flexibility. Carry your planner with you everywhere; pages will never get loose or fall out.

PEFCThe paper and manufacturing process are PEFC certified, meaning they confirm to strict environmental standards and sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The paper used for Quo Vadis products – planners and notebooks – is from the Clairefontaine mill in the Vosges, France. It is renown as the best writing paper in the world.

Clairefontaine is currently the only European manufacturer making its own paper for its own products. This guarantees not only consistent quality, but also controls the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Clairefontaine has reduced its water consumption through an advanced recycling method. The water is returned to the River Meurthe cleaner than when it arrived at the mill. The water is so clean when it is returned to the river people can swim, boat and fish DOWNSTREAM within sight of the mill.

The Clairefontaine mill in the Vosges, France

The Clairefontaine mill in the Vosges, France