Quo Vadis Heritage

Our Heritage

Quo Vadis is well known for its superior quality planners, diaries and notebooks. These products follow a French philosophy that good tools could be well made and a pleasure to use.

Over 60 years ago a young doctor in Marseilles, France, revolutionized the concept of time management by inventing a planning diary with one week on two pages.

Frustrated that appointment books were cramped and didn't meet his need to plan ahead, he designed his own format. Laid out across two pages in an A4 notebook, designed with special areas for the day's actions and notes, this diary gave him an immediate view of his week.

Dr. Beltrami's "Agenda Planning Diary®" enabled him to organize each day and see all the important events and priorities of his week at a single glance.

His invention proved to be so popular Dr. Beltrami quit his medical practice and started Quo Vadis Editions in 1954. His first retail customers were bookstores.

Today, Quo Vadis products are sold all over the world. They were introduced in the United States in 1984. Quo Vadis users are known for their strong loyalty to the brand.

Our Heritage